Congratulations to VCWPC Candidates! Not only did eight of the nine VCWPC-endorsed candidates win in the June Primary June 7, but each of them received the most votes in their respective races! Although Helene Schneider did not make it to the top two district-wide, Ventura County voters showed her our love by making her first choice in our part of the district..

Hillary Rodham Clinton
United States President


Kamala Harris
US Senate


Julia Brownley
US Congress CA-26


Helene Schneider
US Congress CA-24
Lost Primary race


Hannah-Beth Jackson
California State Senate SD-19


S. Monique Limón
California Assembly, AD-37


Christy Smith
California Assembly, AD-38


Jacqui Irwin
California Assembly, AD-44


Carla Castilla
Ventura County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 3