Political Council


Ventura County



There are many issues that have a direct and profound effect on our lives in today’s complex world. VCWPC has narrowed our immediate focus to those issues that we believe to have the greatest impact on equal rights and quality of life for women.

Social Justice

Social justice addresses the belief that all people deserve equal rights and opportunities. We believe in creating a society that is based on every person having dignity and the ability to have a voice in their community.

Reproductive Health

An unwavering commitment to reproductive rights for women is a cornerstone of the Ventura County Women’s Political Council. VCWPC’s mission to empower women in government cannot be achieved without also supporting a woman’s reproductive freedom.

Economic Justice

We support closing the gender pay gap, breaking through glass ceilings, a living wage, reducing financial penalties for women who must take leave to care for pregnancy or to care for ill family members. We support workplace policies such as flextime, job sharing, telecommuting and child care support that will allow women to fully participate at work, yet meet family obligations.

Educational Justice

The Ventura County Women’s Political Council believes in promoting educational justice through the equal access of girls and women to a high-quality education, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic status. It has been documented that most change in countries throughout the world occurs much faster when women have educational opportunities.

Environmental Justice

The goal of environmental justice is to focus on under-served and marginalized communities that suffer disproportionately from environmental hazards. Generally, these communities are where people of color, low-income populations, and the politically disenfranchised — including single mothers and their families — reside.