VCWPC PAC and Board members ratified the recommendations for November 2018 candidate endorsements. Below is the list of endorsed candidates. This was after VCWPC members attended two nights of town hall interviews with candidates for city council, school board, and community college board. The candidates who were invited to the town halls all submitted their application in on time and met the organization’s bottom line issues: Social Justice, Reproductive Health, Economic Justice, Educational Justice, and Environmental Justice. Members voted for their recommendations after hearing from the candidates who attended and those recommendations were then ratified by PAC and Board.  Congratulations to all and thank you members for being involved and part of the process!2018 Endorsed Candidates

Eleni Kounalakis, Lt. Governor
Katie Hill, US Congress CA-25
Christy Smith, CA State Assembly, AD-38
Julia Brownley*, US Congress CA-26
S. Monique Limón*, CA Assembly, AD-37
Jacqui Irwin*, CA Assembly, AD-44
PAULA NATHAN County Brd Of Education, Area 2
JEANNETTE SANCHEZ-PALACIOS Community College Dist, Area 1
DIANNE MCKAY Community College Dist, Area 2
JENNY FITZGERALD Conejo Valley Unified School District
CINDY GOLDBERG Conejo Valley Unified School District
JANE E. BRUNTON-MUÑOZ Fillmore Unified School District
LIZ SOTO Moorpark Unified School District
MADHU BAJAJ Ventura Unified School District, Area 4
KAREN SHER* Oxnard Union High School District
SUSAN SANTANGELO Camarillo City Council
LYNN EDMONDS Fillmore City Council
JENNY CROSSWHITE* Santa Paula City Council
GINGER GHERARDI* Santa Paula City Council
CARINA ARMENTA Simi Valley City Mayor
RUTH LUEVANOS Simi Valley City Council
SOFIA RUBALCAVA San Buenaventura City Council, District 1
MARIE LAKIN San Buenaventura City Council, District 5
LORRIE BROWN San Buenaventura City Council, District 6
CARMEN RAMIREZ* Oxnard City Council, District 2
VIANEY LUCIA LOPEZ Oxnard City Council, District 6 Short Term

MARY ANN ROONEY* Oxnard Harbor District