The VCWPC Looks Back
at the June 5 Primary

Kudos are due to all of our VCWPC-endorsed candidates: Julia Brownley, 26th Congressional District; Fran Pavley, 27th State Senate District; Hannah-Beth Jackson, 19th State Senate District and Christy Weir, Board of Supervisors, District 1. Each woman ran a hard fought race and made our organization proud to call them our sisters. Their campaigns proved beyond a doubt that our endorsements were well placed.

Unfortunately, Independent candidate Christy Weir ended her run for office with the primary. Had dynamics remained what they were when she entered the race for District 1 Supervisor, we believe that she could have gone on to victory. The decision of the current supervisor to drop out of the Congressional race and reenter the Supervisor’s race changed the picture. We applaud Christy for her efforts. We are happy that she continues to serve as a valuable member of the Ventura City Council.

We are proud to announce that our other three endorsed candidates – Julia, Fran and Hannah-Beth – will continue on to the November 6 general election. Each faces a major challenge from their male counterpart.

The 26th Congressional District race in California is making headlines. For the first time in decades, Ventura County will have a good chance to enter the progressive column. Julia Brownley’s campaign has truly been a “boots on the ground” effort. Individual donations and thousands of phone calls from dedicated campaign volunteers led to her victory over three other Democrats and one Independent. Her opponent, State Senator Tony Strickland, has a huge war chest. One can only imagine the barrage of mailers that his campaign is waiting to let loose.

State Senator Fran Pavley finds herself in a more difficult position as she runs for the 27th State Senate district. Well known for her environmental victories as a state assemblywoman and state senator, with redistricting, she now faces a more conservative electorate. She and her opponent Republican Todd Zink (first time office seeker, deputy D.A., Lt. Col. who served in Afghanistan) were unchallenged.

Former Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson is in line to become our next State Senator for the 19th District. She outpolled her Democratic challenger and faces a runoff against Republican Mike Stoker, a former Santa Barbara County Supervisor. Even though it appears that Hannah-Beth has the votes to pull off a victory in November, candidates can never take anything for granted.

The VCWPC pledges our support to help Julia, Fran and Hannah-Beth win their respective races. Voter turnout for the primary was a paltry 25.08%. We are a pro-choice women’s political committee. Our job is cut out for us. We have five months. The clock is running!

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Announcing our Endorsed Candidates!

Julia Brownley (Congressional District 26)
PO Box 2018, Thousand Oaks, CA 91377
(805) 330-1070

Fran Pavley (Senate District 27)
PO Box 1833, Agoura Hills, CA 91376
(818) 921-6825

Hannah-Beth Jackson (Senate District 19)
P.O. Box 92010, Santa Barbara, CA 93190

Christy Weir (Ventura County Board of Supervisors, District 1)

For each candidate the VCWPC endorsement includes use of our name on campaign material, a financial donation and use of our current membership roster.

We encourage you to choose one (or more!) candidates and send a personal donation, volunteer to work on their campaign or provide names and contact information of friends and family within their district.

Or better yet, send an email, write a letter or post a message on Facebook to let your friends and family know that you are personally supporting these candidates and encourage them to do the same!

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Equal rights begin with equal representation

The Ventura County Women’s Political Council (VCWPC) promotes women’s participation in the political process to bring women’s perspectives to every issue. We recruit, train and support women who will advance public policy that provides for equal protection, well being and opportunity to prosper for all women.

Women currently hold less than a third of state and federal office. We need equal representation at all levels of government. Our goal is to create a culture in which elected women are the norm.

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